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Switchgear Products & Accesories

For the last four decades, Nippen has been in the forefront of Electrical and Electronic Measuring Instruments in India. Various applications in industries that use Nippen products like Control Panels, Generating Sets mostly used in Electrical utilities. Nippen CT Dubai are the best selling Current Transformers. Nippen Analogue and Digital panel meters, Insulation / Earth testers, Current transformers and Shunts have been in use for many years in UAE. Royal Electric, Dubai is the Nippen products distributer Dubai UAE, which has been in business for over a decade imports and distributes Switchgear and Electrical components in UAE.

A newer generation of micro controller based products, includes Multifunction meters, Energy meters, Power Factor Controllers, Maximum Demand Meters / controllers , and transducers to complement the range. Quality, Reliability and Durability of our products are the key characteristics that have made Nippen a leader in the industry.


The Nippen Range comprises a vast array of electrical measuring and testing instruments like Ammeters, Voltmeters, Wattmeters, Power Factor Meters, kVA/kVAr Meters, Frequency meters (reed and pointer type), Analogue and Digital Insulation Testers, Earth Testers, Transducers, kWh Meters, Smart Load Manager, Demand Controllers, Shunts, Current Transformers and the latest Total Energy Management System, employing composite Meters like VAF, kW + PF, kW + PF+ kWH Meters.

Nippen engineers and technicians are always engaged in checking all materials and components for conformity with the relevant standards, before production, during manufacture and on readiness. It is only Quality that has made ‘NIPPEN’ a name that long commands respect in the domestic marketplace . All products are made in line with contemporary International Standards.

The Strict quality control is built into all processes and at all stages, from incoming raw materials to finished products, to ensure longer years of use.