Royal Rubber Electrical Switchgear Components and Meters, Dubai

Royal Rubber Electric manufactures, imports and supplies Electrical Switchgear Components and Meters to the electrical switchgear industry in the UAE and other GCC and MENA countries.

We are the sole distributors for Nippen products in the UAE. The NIPPEN Brand is well known in the field of Electrical and Electronics Measuring Instruments.

The manufacturer, Nippen Electrical Instruments Company, is an ISO 9001:2008 accredited organization. It stands out as a leader in the manufacture of analogue & digital instruments. The recent addition of micro-controller based instruments with cutting-edge technology has made NIPPEN an indisputable brand-leader in this sector.

We offer Nippen Current Transformers, Analogue Ammeters, VoltmetersFrequency Meters, Power Factor meters, Power Factor Controller and Digital Ammeters, Voltmeters, Multifunction Meters, Energy Meters and Smartload Managers.

We stock many other brands, including Elmex, Twinstar, Select, Jambo, Jainson, and Prestoplast. Jambo Industries, the owners of J-Lite and Jambo brands are our close associates and co-ordinate all our activities in India.

PVC Electrical Conduit Pipes, Switch boxes, Couplers, Junction Boxes, Flexible pipes, Male/Female Adaptors, Saddles, Flexible Pipes. Flexible cables – single-core, for panel wiring.

Royal Rubber Electrical Switchgear Components and Meters Dubai
Wiring Duct / Cable Trunking

RR Brand – Wiring Duct / Cable Trunking

“RR”, a brand or Royal Rubber is manufactured in our factory in the Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The Quality and durability of RR brand Cable trunking is excellent and beyond compare.

It is made of rigid PVC of high tensile and compressive strength. Non inflammable, non brittle & warp proof. The unique slotting patterns prevents wires from popping up while removing the cover. The trunking comes in various sizes.

Our office and warehouse are located in Al Ghusais, within easy reach of both Sharjah and Dubai.

Special offers and deals: On request, we can make customized offers. Call +971-050-8700652, +971-4-2580780

Technical Support: We provide technical support both before and after sales. Please contact us in case you need help.

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