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Measuring and Control Instruments

Current Transformers

Current transformers (CTs)can be used to:

a. Lower the very high current on the primary side to a quantity within the range of measuring instruments on the secondary side

b. Isolate electrical instruments from the mains to protect them from high current.

Current Transformers

Types of Current Transformers

We stock the following types of CTs:

1. Bar Primary Current Transformer (BPCT):
Sturdy, compact and economical, these CTs are commonly used for currents of 100A and above. They are easy and convenient to use as they can be slipped directly over the busbar or cable.

2. Wound Primary Current Transformer (WPCT):
These CTs have both the primary and secondary coils wound around the core. They are used for currents below 100A to achieve the necessary accuracy.

3. Clamp-On CTs:
Fast, accurate readings can be taken with these CTs without having to disconnect loads. Precision phase shift characteristics enable convienient and accurate power and energy measurements.

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CT Model Busbar Size Dimension in mm
NE301 30x10mm 50 70 65
NE401 40x10mm 60 76 33
NE601 60x10mm 85 105 30
NE801 80x10mm 100 120 40
NE1001 100x10mm 135 160 40