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Measuring and Control Instruments

Ammeters, Voltmeters (Digital/Analog)

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DIGITAL METERS (Ammeter/Voltmeter)
Digital meters have the following advantages:
– Fully solid state
– Built-in Transducers
– 3 Phase 3 Wire / 3 Phase 4 Wire with 1 E, 2E & 3E
– Built-in selector switch for 3 phase Voltmeter & 3 phase Ammeter
– Super bright 7 segment RED display
– Very low VA burden on C.T./P.T. (<0.2 VA) – Low power consumption

The moving element is fitted with synthetic sapphire jewels. The movement is durable, resilient, and at the same time light and quick-acting. A fluid damping system is employed, and the movement is well protected from external magnetic fields.
RANGE: 50mA to 100A; higher ranges possible via current transformers with secondary 1A or 5A. Overload scales 2.3 or 4 & 6 times rated load can be provided.
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