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Panel Accessories

Accessories – End Plates / Barrier Plates / Shorting Links/ Marking Label

Accessories – End Plates / Barrier Plates / Shorting Links/ Marking Label
  • End Plate: for insulating end-of-stack of terminals and for assembly of terminals of different sizes. KPNS (KUT2.5), KPX (KUT4, 6 & 10), KPY (KUT16), KPT (KUT25), KPTD (KUTD10), EPDD (KU2D4), KPSD (KUTSD6), KPDD (KUDD4) are available. (These are also known as End Cover.)
  • End Clamps: are for holding stack of terminals together. SCUN & SCKN two types are available.
  • Shorting Links: are for interconnecting the terminals, use of factory made terminal shorting links rather than using unreliable wire looping. These are of four types: Cross connection links, permanent shorting link, removable shorting link and comb type.
  • Marking Label: Snap on type marking label strip and group marking carriers are the two types strip of 10 numbers or letters which can be snapped into ten terminal blocks together or can be broken at any point for individual marking.
  • Group Marking Carriers: group marking carriers cater to the need of identifying different groups of terminal blocks, and are of two types:
    SCUN MLH: A marking label holder is fixed on universal rail-mounted SCUN side clamp.
                            A thick paper strip is inserted along with transparent cover
    SCKN MLH: a white marker switchgear writing area is snapped on to the groove or SCKN Side clamp

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